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Virtual Propane Expo 2021 Presentations

​Learning critical information to make your business more profitable, safer, and smarter in an easily implementable format is what makes for a great experience. Enjoy this growing selection of presentations created to help you and your business to grow and flourish in 2021 and beyond.


Duty to Warn related to Law & Odor Fade

Partner McCoy Leavitt Laskey LLC May 13, 2021   -   12:00 pm   EST   (Live Event)
Stephanie K. Demers, Partner McCoy Leavitt Laskey LLC will lecture on ODORANT 49 CFR § 173.315 Compressed Gases In Cargo Tanks and Portable Tanks. Included in the lecture will be an explanation of the recent March 23, 2021, US DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration clarification of 49 CFR 173.315(b)(1) and (2). Apart from regulation summarization Ms. Demers will discuss the training requirement which will include SELF DIRECTED VIDEO STUDY versus instructor led virtual education. She will end the class letting attendees know more about the Duty To Warn concept as it relates to law and odor fade.

State of Energy Podcast Series Live

Uncut May 13, 2021   -   1:00 pm   EST   (Live Event)
The State of Energy is also broadcast on 5 talk radio stations as a consumer messaging tool delivered in long form advertising. The show has even caught the ear of local state congressman Steve Handy as he walks his dogs on Sunday mornings. Tom Clark says Rep Handy says he’s learned a lot about propane from the show and was happy to include propane in the recent Ban the Bans Bill that the local natural gas company had presented. The State of Energy brings you everything you ever needed to know about propane. For your home, business or farm. For fleets of school buses or forklifts. We will discuss how “Propane Can Do That”. The State of the Energy is broadcast in 394 cities and available on major podcast platforms.

Propane Heat Pump Air Conditioning by Blue Mountain Energy

Part of PERC & VPE Combine Heat & Power 30 minutes May 13, 2021   -   2:00 pm   EST   (Live Event)
Feature and Benefit of Propane HVAC Tommis Young, Blue Mountain Energy, Director Mr. Young has over 40 years of experience in leading research & development, distribution and contracting companies in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry. He has designed, engineered, co-developed applications that significantly improve the energy efficiency and reduce emissions for residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration, space conditioning, appliances, water heating, and whole building energy systems.

Capital CFO Ignites the Conversation with Tom Clark

Sabrina House chats with Tom Clark May 13, 2021   -   2:30 pm   EST   (Live Event)
Sabrina Houser started Capital CFO in 2016. Having worked in the nonprofit arena for twenty years, Sabrina saw first-hand the need for accuracy, efficiency, and transparency regarding a company’s finances. She has the unique perspective of working as a CEO and CFO of a nonprofit and experience managing multiple funding sources and contracts. As the CEO, she oversaw all fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities for the organization. She provided direct leadership and oversight for the agency’s finance and accounting functions, including compliance with relevant government regulations. Sabrina believes that your financial health leads investors, customers, and clients to feel confident in a company’s stability and potential for growth. You can contact Sabrina at sabrina@capitalcfollc.com.

Erik Bunaes VPE’s Constant Contact Certified Expert Presents

Reaching Your Customer through Email Marketing 60 mins May 13, 2021   -   3:00 pm   EST   (Live Event)
What's the most efficient, effective and affordable way to stay connected with your customers? Email marketing. Among all the digital channels available to your business, email marketing boasts the strongest return on your investment. Join us as we discuss using email marketing to your business's advantage, and what email content will resonate most with your audience. We’ll learn: The economic benefits and impact of email marketing The key basics of email marketing Best practices for creating compelling content Tips to getting started with email automation You will walk away from this webinar with several valuable resources on email and digital marketing to use in your own business.

One-Tank Ignites the Conversation with Tom Clark

One-Tank™ is the industry’s first field storage and monitoring solution for propane marketers. Designed to help leverage unused storage in existing field tanks May 20, 2021   -   11:00 am   EST   (Live Event)
Join Tom Clark chatting with Brain Humphrey from One-Tank. One-Tank™ is the industry’s first field storage and monitoring solution for propane marketers. Designed to help leverage unused storage in existing field tanks, the One-Tank system enables propane marketers to: -Fill tanks when prices are low -Avoid dramatic winter demand spikes -Protect your business and customers from supply interruptions -Gain access to storage at a fraction of the cost of bulk storage

Conversations with the Editor LPGas Magazine

Pat Hyland Director of Industry Communications for PERC May 20, 2021   -   11:30 am   EST   (Live Event)
Join LPGas Editor Brian Richesson for a casual, yet compelling conversation. Richesson welcomes former LPGas Editor Pat Hyland, now the director of industry communications from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), for a conversation about propane industry. LPGas' current and former editor will talk about their years covering the industry, and Hyland will also share some of the ways PERC works on behalf of propane Marketers.

Brash helps Homeowners Affordably transition to a Renewable Energy Future

Part of PERC & VPE Combine Heat & Power 30 minutes May 20, 2021   -   1:00 pm   EST   (Live Event)
BRASH is an affordable home energy system that makes both heat and electricity. It’s done in much the same way large industrial and commercial businesses have successfully used combined heat and power (CHP) systems for decades. With BRASH, homeowners who heat with gas or propane won’t be dependent on the power company for their electricity any longer. They, and thousands of home energy system installers, are going to learn how a furnace that once accounted for just heat, can also generate all the electric power a home needs. Reliable and cleaner baseload power. Even during a power failure. There’s no question that CHP works for the C&I sector. But there are no residential CHP units of any quantity in North America. Early home CHP products were either too big, too noisy or too complex, requiring assembly on site. BRASH is none of those things. But it’s price that has in the past and will continue to determine the widespread use of residential CHP. We understand. Payback on a BRASH system is 3-4 years. By any measure, getting both heat and electric power from a BRASH CHP will be an economic boon for North America’s 60+ million natural gas/propane users. And back-stop increasingly unreliable grid power. BRASH CHP will also complement home solar installations by providing additional heat and power on those cold February nights. BRASH also becomes the first step to lower energy costs, and lower emissions, for the many homes that are not candidates for solar, due to rooftop shading, orientation or other factors. It just makes sense. Using clean, plentiful fuels like natural gas and propane more efficiently on site with CHP is the right energy mix for today’s homeowners. It begins the transition for millions of homeowners to a renewable energy future.

Merrill Lynch on Multiple Employer Plan (MEP)

More info coming soon May 20, 2021   -   2:00 pm   EST   (Live Event)

Don Farrell from Indoor Comfort Marketing

Join the Journey to discover the changing Landscape of Payment Processing May 20, 2021   -   3:00 pm   EST   (Live Event)
Take the 2 Part Journey with Don to explore the changes in Tools and Tech, What Every Energy Dealer needs to do to level the playing field in the Credit Card Space, and Empowerment for the next generation solutions. The landscape has changed. Are you paying too much now? Larry from Richmond Financial Services, is the nationally recognized authority and visionary behind utility rate processing for the heating fuels industry with multiple landmark accomplishments to his credit over the last two decades. As the founder of AVATAS, Larry personally worked directly with and was accountable to more than 1000 energy companies located across the country. Larry successfully lobbied MasterCard to reclassify home heating retailers into a lower risk utility processing category, resulting in billions of dollars of savings to the heating oil and propane industry. To this date, this important watershed accomplishment stands as the single most significant advancement in fee reductions associated with electronic payments for the heating fuels industry. Larry continues to spearhead many innovative solutions in the race to control cash flow and lower expenses while sprinting to stay ahead of the digital economy.

Axiom Energy Group with an Efficient Clean Energy Solution

Part of PERC & VPE Combine Heat & Power 30 minutes June 10, 2021   -   12:30 pm   EST   (Live Event)
Spend your lunch learning about this ground breaking tech to the Propane Industry. Its a 15-min presentation with 15-min Interview with the President. At Axiom Energy Group, our business objectives are designed to support and promote sustainable development goals. By offering mCHP systems, we make it possible for our customers to generate clean power using affordable natural gas or propane. Micro-combined heat and power systems, also known as “cogeneration” systems, provide heat and electrical power in an efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly manner. Using a natural gas or propane fueled Marathon Engine, our mCHP systems capture thermal energy to heat not only an office or apartment building, but also your home, hot water, or even your pool. Electricity generated by the system is consumed on site or excess can be sent back to the grid.

You don’t have to do it ALL

Capital CFO a Financial Experts Weights In June 10, 2021   -   2:30 pm   EST   (Live Event)
Sabrina Houser weights in the pros and cons to using an outsourced service in your business and some definite recommendations to follow. Learn if outsourcing is a good option for you and how to do it right. Also, see her on May 13th at 2:30pm EST Igniting the conversation with Tom Clark in her Spotlight Interview. Webinar ID 824 0256 4963

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