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Virtual Propane Expo 2020 - Past Presenters

​How to share GOOD news during the COVID19 pandemic? Watch Presentation

June 25, 2020  
Finding ways to earn positive news coverage about your company as the COVID situation continues to progress in each market, such as: being included in positive stories connected to your state’s re-opening (for example).

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

June 25, 2020  
We are seeing a phenomenon taking place with a shift in leadership style in many male dominated industries. This is causing an almost immediate demand for existing leaders to lead in new ways which may feel uncomfortable or awkward. For women who are leading, or looking to lead in their profession, this can create a complex environment among our peers. This shift is having a direct impact on attracting and retaining key employees. Leaders need to be authentic, transparent, and intentionally engaged with their people. In professions which have historically led in a completely opposite manner, this is an enormous challenge, especially if there are multiple generations in the workplace. This change is not only in demand for future leaders. Existing leaders who have historically led in their own “yester-year” style are being forced to make change, too. At the root of this is the introduction to leading with emotional intelligence. The phenomenon of leadership change we are seeing provides an opportunity for leaders to be more authentic and respected, and to be seen as a leader who others naturally want to follow. Session takeaways: 1. Understand emotional intelligence 2. Build confidence to be you (and not your predecessor) 3. Learn how to be authentic and engaged 4. Develop skills to help other leaders, lead

Energy Engine Spotlight Interview

June 25, 2020  
Come learn the back story of how this leading technology and marketing company started and pioneered the use of technology to grow millions of dollars in value for propane and fuel delivery companies over and over again.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulatory Update

June 25, 2020  
Students will gain a better understanding of the rules and regulations related to Hazardous Materials Training, Security Plans, and Cargo Tank Inspections.  In addition, the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Hours-of-Service rules, plus COVID-19-related waivers, declarations and enforcement discretions will be discussed.

NFPA 54, Update on the Cycle and the Code

June 25, 2020  
This presentation will cover the standards revision cycle, changes to the 2021 edition of NFPA 54, and how to access the changes and substantiation for those changes. Discussion on the changes will include changes to electrical isolation requirements, through-the-wall vent terminal clearances, and new and revised requirements for venting of pressure control devices.

Transportation Compliance Insider Tips – Spotlight Interview

June 25, 2020  
Whether it’s interstate or intrastate commerce; hazardous or non-hazardous goods, or even passengers,  complying with the myriad of federal, state and local requirements can be an expensive and daunting task. So take a few minutes to learn about some of the ways to avoid costly citations, unsatisfactory rating, while maintaining safe driving records.

Insider Secrets of Leading Vehicle Tracking System

June 25, 2020  
Meet the leader of a cutting-edge fleet management and asset tracking system. Learn the back story on AccuGPS and how delivery companies use it for GPS tracking, Employee supervision, Asset management, Vehicle maintenance, IFTA, Timecard, In car camera and Remote vehicle access control. Learn how other delivery companies have customized their approach to this technology and saved money in the process.

Controlling Static Electricity Hazards

June 24, 2020  
Static Electricity Hazards in the Propane Industry Stuart Flatow, former PERC Vice President for Safety & Training Static electricity is electricity at rest, but if a conductive path is present it can result in a spark or static discharge. Sparks caused by electrical static discharge occur all the time. They don’t cause us harm unless they occur in the presence of a gaseous vapor such as propane, which can result in a fire or explosion. In this session you will learn about many issues surrounding static discharge hazards including identification, remediation, and training. You will also learn about some terrific industry research on static discharge hazards, the propane professionals who brought this issue to the forefront, and some excellent resources.

Recruitment, Training, and Retention: Planning and Preparing Your Future Workforce.

June 24, 2020  
Two main issues are impacting the propane industry workforce. COVID-19 is changing how work is carried out. Also, looking out over 5-10 years, the propane industry will need a significant number of new workers due to retirements and industry growth. This session will identify issues and opportunities impacting recruitment, training and retention of employees. Attendees will gain greater insight into partnerships that build awareness and open new avenues for propane companies and explore effective training strategies that align with the prospective employees.

Show Me The Money

June 24, 2020  
Leverage video content to increase engagement and sales. Relevant and memorable video content is an invaluable asset to driving sales and long-term partnerships. Vendors and propane industry professionals will learn how the latest video technology and storytelling skills to make your brand, product, service or booth stand out. No matter if you are selling residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture or autogas, telling a story that resonates with the buyer will have significant impact on the sales cycle. Showing and telling how you solve customer's problems and concerns is one of the best ways of building more business. Learn how well produced video content can drive sales.

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